Carbon tool steel

Carbon tool steel

Carbon tool steel speciality

The carbon content ranges from 0.65% to 1.35%. The production cost of carbon tool steel is low, and the source of raw materials is convenient; it is easy to cold and hot work, and can obtain quite high hardness after heat treatment; it can resist The abrasiveness is also good, so it is widely used. Among them, the high-grade high-quality carbon tool steel has higher toughness and can obtain higher finish during grinding, which is suitable for manufacturing tools with complex shapes and higher precision. This kind of steel is only suitable for making tools with small size, simple shape, low cutting speed, small feed rate and low working temperature.


Carbon tool steel Application

Carbon steel used to make cutting tools, molds and measuring tools. Compared with alloy tool steel, it has good machinability, low price and a wide range of applications, so it is used in tool production. Carbon tool steel is divided into carbon cutting tool steel, carbon die steel and carbon measuring tool steel. Woodworking tools, coal chisels, masonry chisels and hand saw blades with small deformations, horizontal files, turning tools, planers, milling cutters, thread rolling boards, drawing dies, engraving chisels, calipers and plug gauges, scrapers, drills, reamers Knives, reamers, taps, dies and micrometers, files, carving knives, drawing dies, engraving tools.